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Wealth and Prosperity Attraction Jewelry

As much as we try to rely on our free will and make money from scratch, luck is a vital element in success. However, if you get your energies right, there is a high chance that you’ll attract good luck and good fortune.

The key lies in having the energies of the prosperity crystals with you. Simply put, crystals carry with them massive amounts of positive energy that will help you attract success in life. Lots of successful people attribute their achievements to their good luck. Therefore, most of them believe that crystals like citrine and amethyst, meant to amplify your prosperity and bring you good luck, are responsible for their wealth.

You can carry these crystals in your pockets or keep them in your house. But PlatanzaJD has a better solution lined up for you—wealth and prosperity attraction jewelry. So, what are the best crystals out there that will ensure your good fortune? Let’s check them out.


Crystals that Attract Wealth and Prosperity


1. Citrine

Citrine has a warm, golden shine, and gold is the color of wealth and prosperity. It is widely regarded as the “Stone of Wealth” and the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone” due to the extremely positive energy that it emanates. Citrine is excellent at absorbing and dissipating negative energy. Because of its cleansing properties, it helps sharpen your concentration and confidence. Apart from this, Citrine’s beauty allows it to be incorporated into modern minimalist handmade jewelry like PlatanzaJD’s Abundance and Prosperity Bracelet or Minimalist Necklace.


2. Amethyst

In some cultures, purple is regarded as the color of wealth. Having said that, Amethyst, which is a magnificent purple stone, does an excellent job of attracting good fortune towards yourself. It acts as a “natural tranquilizer”, which means it has immense healing and cleansing powers. By keeping your inner energies clean and positive, Amethyst helps you attract further positive energy, and with that, good luck.

It enriches your spiritual awareness and cleanses your mind, helping you keep a clear head and make better, more informed decisions, especially when it comes to finances. The Positive Energy Minimalist Necklace is an excellent way to carry Amethyst with you in style.


3. Tiger’s Eye

As the name suggests, Tiger’s Eye is a clever crystal that not only attracts wealth and good fortune but also helps you calm your mind and consciousness. It balances the yin-yang energy around and within you to ensure that you can extract maximum positive energy. It is said to have a magnetic attraction towards wealth and is often seen to be in the possession of wealthy people. If you wish to get yourself jewelry comprising Tiger’s Eye, you should definitely check out PlatanzaJD’s Wealth Money Attraction and Financial Success Bracelet.



Crystals like Garnet, Fluorite and Rose Quartz also help attract wealth and prosperity. Wealth and prosperity attraction jewelry not only enhances your appearance but also helps you lead a peaceful, stable life.