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Fertility and Pregnancy Support Jewelry

Our bodies find it difficult to get used to sudden changes. Right from the time of trying to conceive a baby and the subsequent nine months of carrying your baby in your womb to taking care of your newborn, there will be a lot of tension involved for all parents. Many of us find it difficult to overcome these massive transformations and, as a result, undergo immense amounts of stress and anxiety.


It is natural to wonder then about how we can tackle the physical and mental changes that our bodies and lives go through during times of pregnancy. For a smooth transition between the different phases of pregnancy and motherhood, these gemstones and crystals can prove to be of great help -  Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Red Carnelian, White Agate, .


Many stones come with healing powers that will help you guide yourself through these difficult yet beautiful times. Some people use these crystals while they bathe, while others carry them in their pockets for positive energy. PlatanzaJD comes up with an ergonomic solution by incorporating these beautiful stones into their modern minimalist handmade jewelry.


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Gemstones for Fertility and Pregnancy Support


These are some of the gemstones that PlatanzaJD has used to make their attractive fertility and pregnancy support jewelry.


1. Moonstone


Popularly known as the ‘goddess stone’, moonstone is the most sought-after gemstone when it comes to issues about fertility. It is highly potent and can function as a natural hormone regulator. It thus helps to maintain the biological and mental balance of your body even during times of sudden changes. You should definitely try out PlatanzaJD’s Feminine Energy Bracelet to harness the positive energy provided by moonstone.


2. Red Carnelian


The meaning of Red Carnelian is energy and creativity. It is one of the most common fertility crystals that promote fertility and energy and encourage sexuality. Red Carnelian is the usual go-to crystal for fertility. This gem is linked to lower chakras and can help to clear out blockages in the solar plexus and sacral chakra which can help boost your fertility. Platanza JD's Fertility Bracelet invites you to feel the power of this incredible gemstone.


3. Garnet


Garnet is a crystal that is associated with good luck and ambition. However, garnet also helps maintain balance and stability in affairs related to love and sex drive. With a mighty aura, garnet has a solid vibrational connection with the root chakra, situated at the base of our spines. This gives it incredible healing qualities. PlatanzaJD’s Aura Cleansing Bracelet is something you can check out in this regard.


4. Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is generally regarded as a stone associated with ‘gentle love’-- be it romantic or otherwise. Someone who wears a piece of jewelry with rose quartz, say PlatanzaJD’s Loving Energy Bracelet, will attract love and experience increased fertility.

It also increases confidence and eases sexual and emotional stress.


5. Black Onyx


There are cultures in which women undergoing labor pain hold bags containing black onyx stones to help relieve their pain and speed up the process of birth. Black Onyx is famous for its healing properties and for helping us stay grounded. If you wish to use its positive energy, then PlatanzaJD’s Black Onyx Earrings and Protection Bracelet are good choices.


To Sum Up


Gemstones and crystals provide you with the positive energy and healing strength you need to undergo physical and mental transformations during pregnancy. Minimalist jewelry consisting of them is definitely worth a try.