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Modern and Minimalist Handmade Jewelry with Meaning and Purpose

There are two groups of people in this world-- one group includes people who love to deck themselves with ornaments, while the other involves the people who love going for minimalism when it comes to appearance. If you belong to the second group, then modern minimalist handmade jewelry is something you should definitely watch out for.


The idea of modern and minimalist might be different for different people. Although the ornamentation aspect of jewelry is what most people check out before purchasing them, there are various factors that makeup pieces of jewelry. For example, did you know that jewelry could protect you from negative energy and attract positive energy towards you?


If all this excites you, then PlatanzaJD is a brand you should check out. With a broad collection of handmade jewelry pieces, including happiness and good vibes necklaces and empath and anxiety protection bracelets, the infinite possibilities of minimalist jewelry making your life better will surely intrigue you.


The Power of Gemstones


History suggests that humans have used gemstones for over a thousand years. These stones hold a significant position among the spiritual, ritualistic, and magical elements of Creation that facilitate healing. Similar to how colors can radiate large amounts of positive energy, gemstones also have therapeutic effects. These stones can emit frequencies and vibrations that can have huge impacts on your general physical and mental well-being. They are a healthy influence on your mind, body, and consciousness, as well as help, heal, balance, and transform your body according to your energy centers.


PlatanzaJD’s collections have many empath and anxiety protection necklaces, wealth and prosperity attraction bracelets, etc., so that you can extract the maximum benefits out of the modern minimalist handmade jewelry you own.


Attractive Designs


These modern minimalist handmade jewelry find their true beauty in their simplicity. The trendy minimal look of this jewelry helps you pair them with any apparel so that you don’t have to pick out separate ornaments for every piece of cloth you own. They come in dainty designs that will make you stand apart from the crowd. You can choose to wear them solo or layer them with other pieces you own. The minimalist design helps a great deal to blend with any color or material.


Each of the jewelry pieces in PlatanzaJD’s collections is designed individually, and the crystal combinations are carefully chosen so that you can acquire maximum benefits from the gemstones. In addition, these handmade pieces come with chains made of high-quality gold-filled or Sterling silver materials.


To Sum Up


Before you get yourself modern minimalist handmade jewelry with meaning and purpose, take a minute to think about the kind of energy you wish to have in your life.. It could be empath and anxiety protection, fertility and pregnancy support, or wealth and prosperity attraction. Whichever vibe you want to have more of, PlatanzaJD’s collection will definitely have your kind of jewelry.