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PlatanzaJD Minimalist Handmade Jewelry


We come across various collections of heavy jewelry that people deck themselves with. While these jewelry pieces are fabulous in their own way, they don’t really appeal much to those who are into minimalism. If you are interested in minimalist designs for ornaments, we strongly suggest that you check out PlatanzaJD’s modern minimalist jewelry.


Modern and minimalist combined can give rise to a plethora of possibilities. Of these, most people rely on the beauty aspect of jewelry. However, these people miss the other factors that constitute jewelry, including the ideas of aura and energies. For example, did you know that certain jewelry are created to release stress and reduce anxiety? Were you also aware that jewelry could protect you from negative energy and attract positive energy towards you?


We’re sure that you must be somewhat intrigued by what you’ve read so far. In that case, PlatanzaJD is a brand that you should watch out for. Their vast collections of Abundance and Prosperity Bracelets and Positive Vibes Necklaces, among other beautiful pieces of ornaments, are bound to wow you. 


Gemstones and Their Potential


According to historical data, humankind has been using gemstones for thousands of years. These stones hold a significant position among the spiritual, ritualistic, and magical elements of Creation that facilitate healing. Gemstones are known to possess therapeutic effects, similar to how certain colors have the quality of radiating large amounts of positive energy.


These gemstones are capable of emitting vibrations and frequencies that can positively influence your physical as well as mental well-being. A lot of these stones work according to how your energy centers function. These gemstones have proven to help, heal, balance, and transform your body.


Check out PlatanzaJD’s Gemstone and Charm Bracelets and Empath Necklaces to get maximum benefits from the minimalist handmade jewelry you own.


Beautiful and Attractive Designs


One of the best features of modern minimalist handmade jewelry is that their true beauty lies in their utmost simplicity. The very same simplicity is what gives them their trendy look. These jewelry collections are also much sought-after because you can pair them with any apparel you own. Their minimalist, modern design blends perfectly well with any trend. Whether you want to wear them solo or combine them with other pieces of jewelry is up to you.


PlatanzaJD’s delicate and refined designs are meant to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. You should definitely try these out.


To Sum Up


The kind of energy one needs in life could vary from empath and anxiety protection to fertility and pregnancy support and wealth and prosperity attraction. Whichever vibe that may be, PlatanzaJD has a piece of jewelry for you.