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Labradorite Stackable Bracelet, Labradorite Layered Bracelet, Minimalist Gemstone Bracelet, Dainty Labradorite Crystal Bracelet

$47.00 $35.25

A stylish addition to your stackable bracelets collection. Featuring mesmerizing flashes of blue and green, this bracelet adds a touch of intrigue and mystique to your wrist. Handcrafted with precious Labradorite gemstone and 925 Sterling Silver.

Elevate your wrist game with this stunning Labradorite bracelet and embrace the beauty of its enchanting flashes. Perfect to wear solo and ideal for stacking!

▸Labradorite Faceted Bead Size: 3 x 2 mm
▸Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Bead Size: 3 x 3 mm
▸Length - 6.5" + 1.5" Extender chain

The bracelet comes beautifully packaged to enjoy or ready to give away as a gift.


Labradorite is a fascinating gemstone known for its iridescent flashes of color, referred to as "labradorescence." Its enchanting play of blues, greens, and other vibrant hues makes it a truly mesmerizing stone. Labradorite offers a range of unique qualities that will benefit you positively.

With its mesmerizing flashes of color, Labradorite symbolizes transformation and authenticity. It empowers the wearer to embrace their true selves, express their authentic voice, enhance confidence, and allow personal growth to unfold.

Labradorite is used as an energetic shield to protect you against negative energies, aiding in emotional healing and stress relief. The ethereal beauty of Labradorite enhances intuition, creativity, communication skills, and self-confidence.

The best way to allow Labradorite to influence your body and mind is by wearing it as jewelry. Having the gemstones in direct contact with your skin will benefit you from their powerful vibrations throughout the day.