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Dainty Moonstone Necklace, Delicate Moonstone Necklace, Minimalist Necklace, Genuine Moonstone Pendant, June Birthstone Gift, Empath Protection, Tiny Moonstone Necklace

$47.00 $38.00

The necklace features an oval 8 x 10 mm Genuine Moonstone Bezel Pendant in a 925 Sterling Silver. The necklace comes with a 925 Sterling Silver cable chain.

◾ Length - 15" + 2.5" Extender chain
◾ Material - 925 Sterling Silver

This gorgeous minimalist empath protection necklace is made to shield you against negative energies from other people and their surroundings.

The necklace comes beautifully packaged to enjoy or ready to give away as a gift.


Moonstone crystals have long been associated with feminine energy. Known as the ‘stone for women,’ the blue flush variation incorporates soothing abilities with relaxing effects.

Moonstone transforms negative emotions and purifies the soul. Like its namesake, the Moonstone is also associated with new beginnings, making it one of the best stones to encourage new life.

Due to its connection to feminine qualities, Moonstone is believed to be especially powerful for women, awakening feelings of nurturing, patience, abundance, and ancient wisdom. Since Moonstone has a profound bond with the divine feminine, it's hard to find a stone as connected to the emotional body as this one.

One of the most convenient and enjoyable ways of using gemstones is to wear them as jewelry, preferably around the neck as a necklace. The closer your stones are, the more you can take on out of their energy.