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Delicate Genuine Citrine Necklace, Genuine Carnelian Necklace, Money Magnet Jewelry, Wealth Attraction Necklace, Aura Quartz Necklace, Good Luck Jewelry Gift

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This gorgeous necklace is handcrafted to attract wealth, prosperity, and success to your life.

This necklace is made of Carnelian, Citrine, and Mystic Aura Quartz 8mm beads. The crystal's unique combination brings abundance and happiness. Read on the Gemstones Benefits to discover how each crystal in this necklace and especially their combination would help you to experience the most benefits of gemstones.

 Length - 15" + 3" Extender chain
 Material - 14K Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver

The necklace comes beautifully packaged to enjoy or ready to give away as a gift. 

Carnelian is a symbol of new beginnings. Carnelian’s beautiful red-orange hue carries the meanings of vitality, warmth, and fertility. This powerful stone is also a magnet for prosperity and good luck. It’s often used by people when they need a healthy dose of good fortune. It is also a crystal of ambition, determination, and drive.

Citrine’s bright and happy energy fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations, clearing any blockages in your solar plexus chakra. Enhancing this energy center can help dissolve blocks and stagnation, resulting in higher energy levels and a boost in overall circulation. Citrine is also known as " The Merchants Stone" helping one acquire wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It boosts imagination, accelerates spiritual vision, and improves intuition. It brings joy and happiness and creativity and helps one to focus and stay alert. The golden yellow color emits positive vibrations that will lift your spirit and allow you to see the joy in life and maintain a steady and regular flow of income.

Mystic Aura Quartz is one of the best stones for clearing and brightening the aura, stimulating and clearing all of the Chakras. Angel aura encourages natural intuition and insight and nourishes your heart chakra with positivity. Angel aura quartz healing properties open the energy blocks. Angel Aura quartz makes you more honest and loving with yourself or others. You’ll appreciate the effect its energy has on your overall well-being.

The key to attracting abundance is to have a positive attitude. Quartz and Citrine can help you by encouraging you to look on the bright side. Combining Aura Quartz and Citrine is your best option to manifest wealth, prosperity, and success. Citrine and Carnelian open the sacral chakra, unleashing your power and boosting your self-esteem. Paired together these crystals will boost you with energy, creativity, vitality, and power, unlocking the potential within you. Another great benefit of this crystal combination is that it removes self-limiting beliefs crucial to achieving success. As powerful by themselves as they are, these crystals combined in one necklace will complement one another. 

To keep your stones close to your touch wear crystal jewelry. The closer your stones are, the more you can take on out of their energy.