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Delicate Rose Quartz Necklace, Feminine Energy, Minimalist Necklace, Dainty Genuine Rose Quartz Briolette Pendant, Love Pink Tea Drop Necklace

$37.00 $28.00

Simplicity and elegance come together in this handmade necklace to attract love, joy, and happiness to your life.

The necklace features a beautiful Genuine Rose Quartz faceted tea drop briolette pendant. The briolette is 8 x 13 mm in size. The necklace comes with a 925 Sterling Silver chain.

◾ Length - 15" + 2.5" Extender chain
◾ Material - 925 Sterling Silver

This gorgeous minimalist empath protection necklace is made to shield you against negative energies from other people and their surroundings.

The necklace comes beautifully packaged to enjoy or ready to give away as a gift.

Rose Quartz is a "stone of gentle love," one of the prettiest pink crystals. Symbolic of warmth and love. Wear it to attract love, and give it to someone as a symbol of your love or appreciation. Because of its association with love, rose quartz is often used to promote positive relationships, including romantic relationships, friendships, and family connections.

Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing by calming the mind and easing feelings of anxiety and stress. It enhances self-confidence and creativity. Rose Quartz is the gemstone of the heart, an emotional release and balancing stone.

To keep your stones close to your touch wear crystal jewelry. The closer your stones are, the more you can take on out of their energy.